Thursday, November 24, 2011

24/11/11 Flying High

We now have Flyers!!! They came this morning a day early, that was a nice surprise I have now officially invited the lectures and started placing them around Eldon Building (the art and design uni building) fingers crossed.
This is what 2000ish flyers look like:

I also picked up a few of the other groups flyers to compare it was very odd all the groups went for A5 not A6 there are some really nice designs here are the front:

Yesterday we also mad a video of ourselves to play with out exhibition piece on the big screen I sound awful and I didn’t say much but if you want to know about it you can always ask me we might have a bloopers on our website soon hopefully.

 We have also got some more FREE posters coming from Mike Cope who has made our artwork print ready so fingers crossed that I will get those tomorrow too.

2 of our group also went for the CCI funding thing today so fingers crossed that went well we will find out tomorrow in our next group meeting.

Will write tomorrow.

P.S. lastly here is where I have put up the posters (with some help from matt)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

23/11/11 Tea Party?

So today I get a knock on my door and a nice delivery man is there to greet me hands my a very large parcel I sign for it than run to open it this is what I find:

So what have they sent us

200+ Cups
Flyers and promotional goods to go on our flyer table
Lemon and ginger tea
Earl Grey tea
Clipper organic tea
Medium roast coffee
Clipper organic decaf tea
Camomile tea
White tea
Wild berry tea

I also picked up all the posters yesterday so be prepaired to see them around portsmouth
 thats all for now

Sunday, November 20, 2011

20/11/11 We Are Getting Out There!

Dragon soop have sent their promotional bits that we will need to put up at the exhibition it looks quite cool. They have sent a few bits 2 types of posters one for dragon soop and one for the Cider they also sent us some quite funky fake tattoos so we can leave them on the table for people to take. I have also put in a photo of the invoice for all the drinks.

Now too us. I have taken the art work that Johnny made and Mike (the graphic designer) refined to the printers all print ready you don’t need to see it it’s the same as the ones I posted the other day just perfect for printing. The printer we used for the posters to keep it local was Southsea Printing below is there leaflet and business card. I will be picking these up on Monday or Tuesday and then they are going up EVERYWERE!

I have also put the email status of the flyers at Quinns hopefully they will be here on Friday and then we can start putting them around I cant wait for that. I think then it will start feeling real and like we are actually doing an exhibition.

The last think I have done is look on photography forums and posted the flyer although there aren’t actually many that talk about exhibitions that are going on I think I may have found a niche in the market. So anyway here it a little bit of my post.

thats all folks!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

17/11/11 Some Changes

Today we had a little catch up meting and sorted a few more things out.

Flyers: a few people in the group have asked bout getting more flyers as they are wanting to do some poaching while the exhibition is on I think this could be a good idea seeing as gunwarf is not very far away and we have all of the historical dockyards to play with. I have spoken to the printing company and thy will up my order to 2000 flyers so that’s great news.

Guest speakers: we have mow decided to get 2 guest speakers to speak on Thursday and Friday and all the rest to be recorded and played in the slide show all the time between our own work. I think this will work better and will be less stressful for us. And it will also mean that it wont matter if not a lot of people are there (not that that will happen). Oh and also one of the speakers we were hoping for wont do it but oh well there are plenty more.

Boards: boards have gone a little bit backwards so basically they haven’t got back to us and its now cutting it really fine so we have had to look else where not good. But now hopefully they will get done.

I have also contacted a magazine to hopefully get in the event section. Email below:

Lastly Emma and Vicki have sent letters to all the local schools and colleges so hopefully they will come again letter below:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

13/11/11 Well I Didn't Know

I’ve just been looking at other peoples blogs seeing what people have been up to as there are so many of us its really hard to keep track of what people are up to. I’m glad I did as there are a few things I didn’t know and a few pictures I stole that I thought you might like to see.

Flagship: flagship is a Portsmouth council magazine and we have a slot in it. The Big Picture is going in to the ‘What's On’ section of the magazine. Great exposure to locals that might be interested in photography. So well done who ever sorted that one out.

Ideas Tap: I had never heard of this one but Oana has put our exhibition on here so this will give a little more promotion. So go on then press the Attending button.

Digital SLR Photography: another of Oana’s, she has contacted this magazine and it looks as if we can have and 1/8 of a page for not a lot of money so this will be loads of promotion and we get our exhibition in a magazine makes me quite existed. here is the email that Oana got.

Thanks for sending the information over. The flyer looks great. As far as promoting it within the magazine I can offer some advertising space to promote the exhibition to the 33,184 official readers of the magazine every month.

The flyers dimensions look like a 1/8 page which I can offer for one month at £ 65 + vat

Please give me a call or email if you have any questions regarding the magazine or the advert.

Many thanks

Josh Rouse

Group Sales Executive
Digital SLR Photography

CCI: Mateusz can be thanked for this one. While at a meeting with our lecturer we were told that if we wanted funding for our exhibition CCI would be a great way they love to give money to projects that work with the community and that is what we are doing. so we are going for the £500 one off grant matt has been to the talks and him and Johnny filled out the application. It looks really solid so fingers crossed.

Guest speakers: this I did know about because we want to do a kind of photo fair for this exhibition we thought getting people to come and talk would be a great idea so here is who we have so far:

Paul Thurlow

Daniel Alexander

Melanie Simmonds

so hopefully I will have more artists to come.
look at the back of our Flyer!

and lastly these are photos i have stole off people in my group so thankyou group

image 1 and 2 are pictures of our venue
image 3 is the front of the venue
and image 4 is the presentation that i spoke at although i think i am cut out of the photo

thats all for now

13/11/11 Money

So this blog is all about money, gaining and spending. Arriane has been lucky enough to get us a sponsor although it is not a lot it has nearly covered our flyers and posters so we only have to pay £1.70 each to gain the final total.

Talking about flyers and posters I went in search of cheap printing and cheap printing is what I found. I went to an online company to get our flyers and they will do 1000 A6 double sided Black and white (our colour scheme) for £52 but we couldn’t use them for the posters because you can only order a minimum of 250 posters and we only want 50. So I went in search of another company. We are trying to keep things local or up and coming and so far for printing we hadn’t, so for the posters I tried hard to get a cheap deal from someone local. I went to Southsea printing ( who have said that they can do the posters 50 A4 and 15 A3 for £20 so that’s a great deal. I also talked to them about T-shirts as the group want them I asked about prices and they said if we supply our own t shirts they would do it for £4 a top that’s £56 for the printing alone … not very good so we wont be getting our tops from there. I think we are looking at printing them ourselves now.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

03/11/11 Online Presence

Not much to report although we have started on the website not pages added yet but the home page is done and I have sent Tom all the info for the photographers page, contact page and I am nearly done on the about page. Below is a still from the website

We have also got a facebook pages one event and one group our event has 119 attending and 79 maybe attending its really good as we haven’t been advertising it for long our group has 495 followers again really good. But we are hoping these numbers will grow in the future.

Our last one is Twitter Emma is in charge of this its only tweeted once but it also has 18 people following again that’s really good.

 so follow us:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25/10/11 They Love It!

So lots has happened and that is why I haven’t written been so busy with work and photography and meetings. So on Wednesday we had a meting mainly to work our presentation out for the following day but we did choose a flyer. Will Rudman made the flyer and as you can see below it is very simple although its simple there is a lot of meaning behind it. The idea is that the picture is so big that it won’t fit on the page but although he has done this you are still able to read it. We kept the colours black and white again to keep it simple but also to keep the costs down if we do have to pay for printing but free printing is still a possibility.
On Wednesday evening we also made our presentation for this we split up into our sub groups this way we could really discuss what needed to get done and what was going on our bits of the presentation. so many lists were made and voices were raised but we got a lot done maybe one of our most productive meetings and I think that was because we were split up in groups. We spoke about the types of advertising that we needed and that we were all ready trying to get we talked about budgets and what we need to spend we spoke about the website in more depth and also all the other online presence we needed. We decided about quantities of flyers and posters ( 350 A5 flyers, 50 A4 posters, 25 A3 posters) I got a quote for the flyers £50 for 350 so we are putting and initial budget of £150. The web site is costing us £5.95 and maybe a few beers, so not much money there. All the other online presence is free Fecebook, twitter and flicker. The facebook and twitter has been set up and we have also made a hotmail that we can add to the website when that is up and running so people can contact us and it will look more professional. newspapers and magazines well at the start we split those up and a lot havent been done so I don’t think we will get any of those we should have pushed the person that was doing them further but now we know. The actual presentation went really well. I was a speaker the slides on Advertising are below. And we got great feed back so we are very happy and ready for the days to come.

On a side note I emailed a few people to do with getting a few free things to help us out Dragon Soop (logo below) have emailed me back and are giving us a lot, 40 cans of Dragon Soop and 72 cans of cider so that’s a great help. And I also got in touch with clipper tea and currently in talks with how much they will send us. The last person I emailed (today) is Love Da Popcorn and hopefully they may give us some popcorn to give away at our exhibition but we will have to wait and see on that one. I’m expecting to hear from them early next week but we will have to see. It will be great if we do a cinema experience isn’t the same with out popcorn.
And finally the logo!

Monday, October 17, 2011

17/10/11 We Have A Name

So we were struggling to think of a name until we got conformation for the location. We got that so we started thinking of names to get the ball rolling (finally). We posted them on facebook and then made a poll and voted amazingly only 3 got voted on out of all the names, ‘The Big Picture’, ‘Space Invaders’ and ‘One Big Screen’ it was a unanimous winner ‘The Big Picture’. I quite like it, it has a ring to it because it is already a saying and it plays on our main feature the cinema screen. So all in all I think everyone in the group is very happy with the name.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12/10/2011 Inspire

 In my last entry I was saying that I have been working on research and the actual photography of the project so here is the first of my main influences

Melanie Simmonds

‘Melanie has experimented with the overlaying and manipulation of images, photomontage, macro, photography, photograms, scanography and the enlargement of individual images in order to experiment with the perception of scale. Her photography reveals the fine details and beauty in her surroundings that often go unseen. Whether taking pictures of moss coated in dew drops or patterns in the bark of a tree, Melanie uses her camera to capture an image that conveys a fresh and alternative perspective of the world around her.’

Her images are beautiful but have an odd and magical quality. She works with textures and the fine detail in things that the normal person would not see. She sees nature as other people do not this intrigues the viewer photographing things that are not necessarily known as beautiful. The images that I am taking particular notice of are her series The Admissable Truth: macro images of moss and objects that we would usually bypass her idea is by using macro the photo then losses its identity and becomes ambiguous. I feel that this quote from her really shows how I want my images to feel ‘For example an insignificant mark on a wall can be read as a vast empty landscape.’

12/10/2011 WE HAVE A VENUE!

Sorry for the delay in writing I have been trying to research and start the actual project territories. Big update though


The number 6 cinema within the Portsmouth historical dockyards. It’s a great venue although it does come with some manageable problems for example it is part of there action stations that means there are a lot of props and equipment. We are aloud to cover it and put boards around it but this will be extra costs etc. Now we have secured the venue for 2 days at a very discounted price we can start with advertising. We have two leaflet designs at the moment shown below but we are still thinking of more and we are also still trying to think of a name once we have done that I can get on with sorting out the website and other advertising things.


A bit of info about the venue:

Boathouse Number 6 was built in 1846. Action Stations features a series of interactive displays and simulators which bring to life naval defence systems, weaponry and battle scenarios.
An auditorium and film screen were essential to the total package, so plans were submitted to Portsmouth City Council to construct a 275-seat theatre within the Grade II-listed buildings walls. The state-of-the-art auditorium was completed and opened to the public in 2001.