Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25/10/11 They Love It!

So lots has happened and that is why I haven’t written been so busy with work and photography and meetings. So on Wednesday we had a meting mainly to work our presentation out for the following day but we did choose a flyer. Will Rudman made the flyer and as you can see below it is very simple although its simple there is a lot of meaning behind it. The idea is that the picture is so big that it won’t fit on the page but although he has done this you are still able to read it. We kept the colours black and white again to keep it simple but also to keep the costs down if we do have to pay for printing but free printing is still a possibility.
On Wednesday evening we also made our presentation for this we split up into our sub groups this way we could really discuss what needed to get done and what was going on our bits of the presentation. so many lists were made and voices were raised but we got a lot done maybe one of our most productive meetings and I think that was because we were split up in groups. We spoke about the types of advertising that we needed and that we were all ready trying to get we talked about budgets and what we need to spend we spoke about the website in more depth and also all the other online presence we needed. We decided about quantities of flyers and posters ( 350 A5 flyers, 50 A4 posters, 25 A3 posters) I got a quote for the flyers £50 for 350 so we are putting and initial budget of £150. The web site is costing us £5.95 and maybe a few beers, so not much money there. All the other online presence is free Fecebook, twitter and flicker. The facebook and twitter has been set up and we have also made a hotmail that we can add to the website when that is up and running so people can contact us and it will look more professional. newspapers and magazines well at the start we split those up and a lot havent been done so I don’t think we will get any of those we should have pushed the person that was doing them further but now we know. The actual presentation went really well. I was a speaker the slides on Advertising are below. And we got great feed back so we are very happy and ready for the days to come.

On a side note I emailed a few people to do with getting a few free things to help us out Dragon Soop (logo below) have emailed me back and are giving us a lot, 40 cans of Dragon Soop and 72 cans of cider so that’s a great help. And I also got in touch with clipper tea and currently in talks with how much they will send us. The last person I emailed (today) is Love Da Popcorn and hopefully they may give us some popcorn to give away at our exhibition but we will have to wait and see on that one. I’m expecting to hear from them early next week but we will have to see. It will be great if we do a cinema experience isn’t the same with out popcorn.
And finally the logo!

Monday, October 17, 2011

17/10/11 We Have A Name

So we were struggling to think of a name until we got conformation for the location. We got that so we started thinking of names to get the ball rolling (finally). We posted them on facebook and then made a poll and voted amazingly only 3 got voted on out of all the names, ‘The Big Picture’, ‘Space Invaders’ and ‘One Big Screen’ it was a unanimous winner ‘The Big Picture’. I quite like it, it has a ring to it because it is already a saying and it plays on our main feature the cinema screen. So all in all I think everyone in the group is very happy with the name.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12/10/2011 Inspire

 In my last entry I was saying that I have been working on research and the actual photography of the project so here is the first of my main influences

Melanie Simmonds

‘Melanie has experimented with the overlaying and manipulation of images, photomontage, macro, photography, photograms, scanography and the enlargement of individual images in order to experiment with the perception of scale. Her photography reveals the fine details and beauty in her surroundings that often go unseen. Whether taking pictures of moss coated in dew drops or patterns in the bark of a tree, Melanie uses her camera to capture an image that conveys a fresh and alternative perspective of the world around her.’ http://www.melaniesimmonds.co.uk/biography/

Her images are beautiful but have an odd and magical quality. She works with textures and the fine detail in things that the normal person would not see. She sees nature as other people do not this intrigues the viewer photographing things that are not necessarily known as beautiful. The images that I am taking particular notice of are her series The Admissable Truth: macro images of moss and objects that we would usually bypass her idea is by using macro the photo then losses its identity and becomes ambiguous. I feel that this quote from her really shows how I want my images to feel ‘For example an insignificant mark on a wall can be read as a vast empty landscape.’

12/10/2011 WE HAVE A VENUE!

Sorry for the delay in writing I have been trying to research and start the actual project territories. Big update though


The number 6 cinema within the Portsmouth historical dockyards. It’s a great venue although it does come with some manageable problems for example it is part of there action stations that means there are a lot of props and equipment. We are aloud to cover it and put boards around it but this will be extra costs etc. Now we have secured the venue for 2 days at a very discounted price we can start with advertising. We have two leaflet designs at the moment shown below but we are still thinking of more and we are also still trying to think of a name once we have done that I can get on with sorting out the website and other advertising things.


A bit of info about the venue:

Boathouse Number 6 was built in 1846. Action Stations features a series of interactive displays and simulators which bring to life naval defence systems, weaponry and battle scenarios.
An auditorium and film screen were essential to the total package, so plans were submitted to Portsmouth City Council to construct a 275-seat theatre within the Grade II-listed buildings walls. The state-of-the-art auditorium was completed and opened to the public in 2001.

Website: http://www.no6cinema.co.uk/default.asp

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

04/10/11 The Good News And The Bad News

To help this project flow a little easier we set up a Facebook Group so we could all talk to each other easily. I logged on today and found some good news and some bad news. As I always do I will start with the bad news.
In this print screen it shows that Joe looked at that brochure for the cinema again and the room that would have been a great exhibition room is actually in Gosport and not in Portsmouth. It’s a great shame but its ok because they still have other rooms and the main cinema that will again be great for our show.

The good news is that Joe has also heard from the event manager Kerry and she is really interested in the idea and that is really great news. When we have a venue we can finally start sorting everything else out. Also Joe has got a meeting with her this week so hopefully we will have a venue by next week.
So I feel that this is more good news than bad news. And cant wait to get the presentation done with.

04/10/11 The Presentation

When meeting at the café we quickly ran through any changes that had happened. There wasn’t any I don’t know if this was a good or bad thing probably good, it meant that there wasn’t any bad news.

We talked quickly about the presentation and how we were doing to do it with such a big group we decided splitting into our sub groups would be the best idea and from this deciding on what would be on each slide depending on category. From our group Mark, Oana, Emma, Victoria and myself showed up today and we ended up getting quite a lot done. We tried to work out what was necessary to put in the presentation we decided we would write down everything that we needed to do and the explain who and how we were going to do it. The information is as follows.
And here we all are working very hard in the café. We are going to meet again tomorrow at the café at 1.00 after our lecture.

03/10/11 The Registry

We all met at the Registry to have a chat about everything. Talk about contacts, things we have found and jobs that will need doing. First of all we split everything that needed doing in to 3 groups, advertising, funding and location. Then depending on the things that people have already started doing we split up in the groups that follow:
Joe and Dan where on location because they had already started email and trying to get hold of different locations that would hold our exhibition. Like I said before, we wanted our exhibition in a cinema. Joe and Dan have looked at the no.6 Cinema at the dockyards and we really love the pictures that they took when they went to visit and enquire about it.

They also brought with them the brochure for the place we all looked at it and this is out number one choice although Adam is looking at other places just in case we don’t get it while Dan and Joe talk to the people in charge of no.6 cinema.

I think there is great progress with this and hope at our next meeting it will be good news. Mark and I are both on advertising as I have the connections that I said in my last entry that will hopefully help and mark has done a mock up design that is good and has potential.
Everyone else that wanted to be in this group had their reasons but no prior arrangements with anyone that could help us in this project. The 3rd group funding I don’t think have any connections yet but they are all very interested and committed. Its a good thing too because in some ways this is the most important part if we don’t get any funding we way not be able to do what we want to do.
While at the registry we also worked out our next meeting. We have to make a presentation on our initial ideas on Thursday so we are meeting at 1.00 on the 4th October at the café in Eldon.Finaly here is a picture from our meeting it was very chilled and went well so again I am very existed about the weeks to come.

Monday, October 3, 2011

01/10/11 A Chat To Contacts

 I have a few contacts my self and wanted to ask them for their advice and any help that they might be able to give. And while I was on my way to my hometown of Camberley I thought that it would be a good idea to ask as soon as possible to know where I stand.

Mike Cope – a very talented graphic designer working in a printing company that said he might be able to produce some flyers and print them. This would be a great help in the promotions front so a great connection to have.

Thomas Brace – another talented graphic and web designer he works for a design agency producing work for Volvo and Warner Brothers to name a few. I mainly wanted his advice on setting up a website and what the over all cost would be he gave me this information at a very reasonable £30 and he even said he would make the website for us. A few beers may be in order for this one. I also enquired whether a live feed would be feasible to run on the website and what it would cost with looking at the equipment we may be able to borrow off people it wouldn’t be very much. So that all the people that cant come to the exhibition but want to see it can watch the live feed. Yet another great success.

The unexpected helper

Dave Oliver – an amazing composer and DJ able to adapt and write for different occasions and briefs. I was talking to Dave about our project and he told me about his album he is making and it just sort of clicked he said he could write a piece of music to go along with the slide show of our work and in my head it works perfectly. This I am very existed about a group of artists working together with different styles is what we wanted a massive collaboration.

But at the moment there is nothing that we can do until the next meeting on the 3rd.

Day One 29/09/11 The First Meeting

We have been given the brief (officially) and have had to choose our groups there are 15 of us and we are the biggest group but I like to think the most organised and creative. We have ideas already and a venue in mind we are planning everything and to put it mildly I am very existed about our new venture.

Our group:
Adam Timberlake
Arriane Munson
Daniel Nouari
Emma Shell
Fabio Ibrahim
Gemma Hall
Joe Foster-middleton
Johnny horgan
Mark Hilton
Mateusz Migas
Oana Damir
Stephanos nicolaou
Victoria Willment
Will Rudman

Once we had selected our group we didn’t have long to have a chat about our ideas and had set questions that we would need answers for to then present to the rest of the class. There were a lot of voices that wanted to be heard. We made a mind map to try and get everyone’s ideas heard this ended up working very well.

We talked about a lot of venues but because of the group size we wanted something big we didn’t know if we wanted the show inside of out side but looking at when the exhibition was meant to be on we very quickly decided inside. We thought about the type of people that we wanted to be there and what their interests might be and decided we could utilise an all ready established demographic. by using a theatre or something similar we could easily get a lot of visitors just because of the venue and then we couldn’t get the idea out of our heads and its just stuck. I just hope we can get one now.

We then started thinking about different ways that we could advertise for free like Twitter and Facebook to the slightly more expensive Flyers and radio but all is do-able with all the contacts that our group seems to have.
After talking about advertising we realised how expensive this could become and ended up thinking about different ways that we could raise money, freebies and sponsorship but again we have done quite well at thinking about a lot of things so we could do it on a shoe-string budget. Something I have always grown up with ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’ this will defiantly be a motto of the group.

The presentation of our ideas went well although a little jumbled but that was expected with a group of 15 and 30 minuets planning time. The last thing we did was plan our next meeting Monday 3rd of October  at 4.00 at the registry.

The Start

This is a new venture for me. I am a second year photography student in Portsmouth. This blog is being used for documenting the module, Project Management and maybe in the future more of my projects.

The brief:

Working in groups organise an exhibition of your own and peers work in a public place. Thinking about venue, layout, marketing and publicity. Document your journey in crating this exhibition by making a blog.