Monday, January 9, 2012

20/12/11 Are You Going To A Board Meeting?

Most people had gone home and 3 of us got left to get the boards from Action stations to Eldon ... in the rain.

Adam Matt and I met at Action Stations and did 2 trips of 6 boards to Eldon it took us 1h30mins and a lot of hard work but now I can finally say that the Exhibition is over.

Unfortunately no picture of this but please believe us it was chucking it down and my car was struggling.

The exhibition was a success I loved the images that I exhibited and I loved watching the show come together I think that we had the most existing exhibition with the Big Picture it had an unusual twist to it. it had free drinks and biscuits courtesy of Clipper Tea and Dragon Soop. Thank you for everyone’s help and support with special thanks to Thomas Brace for the website Mike cope for the Posters CCI for the free filming and lastly the group for not falling out not leaving and for working together as a team.

09/12/11 Day Two

We had just as much success today another 100 people wahayy!!!

We drank most of the tea and the dragon soop we ate biscuits and spoke to so many people friends and family came and tutors gave us great feedback so all in all I think it was a great success we left all the boards there so we will have to pick them up soon but it was a great two days and a great experience. Here are some more pictures.

some of the group

the cinema with matts work


the guest book

the END

some more of the group

time laps (i dont have the film unfortunately)

guest book

08/12/11 Open!

we got everything up without a hitch and ready in time it looked great and we have a great day nearly 100 people came so a great turn out that no one was expecting on the first day we had two people come to video us and the exhibition in action CCI and Roxana Ghirbomean a film student from the uni.  Looking forward to tomorrow!
some Pictures:

 me 'the tea lady' and my little helper

 my images on the big screen!

07/12/11 To The Dockyards!

We had 2 hours to get the exhibition boards among other things to the dockyards and set up. No van just man power and 2 cars.
I volunteered the Italian Donkey (my car) to be a pack horse for the day 12 boards in total and 2 hours well not quite we had about an hour and a half we spread ourselves out to different places and fingers crossed it goes well.

The first trip I took 4 boards thinking I would do a few trips but after the first trip we didn’t have enough time so the second trip I took 8 I couldn’t see a thing.

Mark took a few little bits in his car.
It all went quite well all the boards got there but they didn’t go up the other end that will be a job for tomorrow

04/12/11 Cutting It Fine

I met up with Melanie Simmonds (I have spoken before about her work) today to video her for the cinema it went really well and her bit was really interesting so if you want to hear it you will have to come along to the show. She talks about her work and her influences but also the course she went on and the contacts she’s made I found it really interesting and she’s a great speaker. ive just sent the video to Johnny to put on the big screen.

01/12/11 To Johny!

Today I had to send my bits for the exhibition to johny images and blurb as you haven’t seen my final images yet here they are!!

what do you think?

30/11/11 POSTERS!

Ok so today we had a quick meeting and split ourselves in to groups to go put flyers around my group went around every uni building putting flyers everywhere and me mark and Adam went down Elm Grove and Albert road putting posters in everywhere that would take them. Some pictures for you: